I'm Back (The Return of the Dietitian)

from by Evdog

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So this isn't neccesarily related to MLP itself, but us brony musicians have a contest called Toastbeard, where we make music to weekly prompts. One week's theme was "An Unstoppable Food-Themed Villain", so I made a hammy bad guy called the Dietitian, who loves making food puns and dressing in style.


Now, the fact you could ketchup has done an awful lot to spite me.
But you've got to be bananas if you think that you can fight me.
I relish in the notion that you've mustard an attack
But if you dare to test my might you'll just end up as a snack.
There no margarine for error with your still, half baked plans.
It's a recipe for disaster with the sound of clanging pans
But i must be moving on now, though your all stewing in hate
My schedule's jam packed. it seems, this thyme you were all to late.

I'm back, and there is nothing you can do.
I'm back. Yeah

Now, to make you all eat healthy, that's too tough a nut to crack
but taking over cities, well, that's just too easy, mac
Now you mayo call me wizard. You can choose to call me sage!
But if you live your life cloves-minded, then there's no chance that you can change!
You may become unfashionable. At least you'll have square meals.
You've heard of rubbing salt on wounds, that's kinda how it feels.
While I'm busy making progress, all your work will be in vain
I'll wrap this up for later, I don't want to be foiled again.

(I'm back, and there is nothing you can do.
I'm back. Yeah) x4


from 2013​​-​​2014 MLP Works, released February 13, 2016
Thanks to 'MLP Mittens' for sitting with me in a Skype call, helping me with the verses' lyrics




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I make fandom music, and remixes. The majority is based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but I explore others.

Singing; Guitar: 10+ yrs
Songwriting: ~8 yrs
Producing: ~5 yrs

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