Never Remember

from by Evdog

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"Captian, song is approaching Will.I.Am levels of Obnoxiousness"
"Raise hipster shields"
"Hipster shields up"

So Aoshi asked me to make an electronic track for his "Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons" themed album, so I came up with this. I was originally going for a style similar to his song "FlutERR", but it eventually took on its own direction.


So we all came out here to have a good time
Hear the beat pumpin' up, soundin' so sublime
We're getting into the groove, get into every beat
Club's scorchin and shakin, an' it's feelin' so sweet
Then you show up, kill the mood with your stupor. Deep in the
drink. Tryin' a be a player. Call you a Blooper. You tell
Yourself you're number one, but you're just a pretender,
'Cause what good is havin' fun if you never remember

So we all give up our doubts for a unified shout
But you're actin' like we're all here to call you out
You're so stuck on yourself that you're leeching my health
No sweat on your body, clothes are showin' your wealth
Taking selfies on your iPhone. Back to the show
Sly fox, you let it pass 'stead of letting go
And you're 50 feet high now, but it's just Pro tempore
'Cause what good is havin' fun if you never remember

So you're laying in the chill room strung up strung out
You hear the music pulsing but you turn up your snout
You play life like a game, like you're the king in chess
But you're obsessed with the rules, just playing to impress
Water ain't cheap here, but it's on me tonight
I see your eyes dilatin' behind the glow of lights
You'll be thawing from that ice, now until next december
'Cause what good is havin' fun if you never remember


from 2013​​-​​2014 MLP Works, released February 13, 2016
Evdog - Lyrics, Arrangement, Production
Aoshi - Lyrics




Evdog Australia

I make fandom music, and remixes. The majority is based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but I explore others.

Singing; Guitar: 10+ yrs
Songwriting: ~8 yrs
Producing: ~5 yrs

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