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...yes, I do know how cheesy the track's premise is.
...yes, I do know how cheesy the track's dialogue is.
...yes, Pinkie and Flutters are #1 and #2 best pony respectively, and anyone who disagrees is objectively wrong.

When making this track, I tried to do something that was 1/2-way between PinkiePieSwear's "Flutterwonder" and Alex S.' "Party With Pinkie".


from 2013​​-​​2014 MLP Works, released February 13, 2016
Thanks to TheSlickOctopus for the 2nd half's instrumental melody (you can hear it clearly at 5:15-5:45). This track was initially a collab he and I were trying to make back in 2012, but we dropped after months went by with nothing happening. Bro, it got done :D

Thanks to NixSpark. You probably don't remember, but back in 2012, when Slick and I were collabing, you made that really high arp (4:14-4:45) for the track. I kept the .wav file.




Evdog Australia

I make fandom music, and remixes. The majority is based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but I explore others.

Singing; Guitar: 10+ yrs
Songwriting: ~8 yrs
Producing: ~5 yrs

For my mainstream bandcamp, go here:
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