I Don't Hate You

from by Evdog

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I hadn't made an acoustic track in about a year, so I was itching to do one again.



VERSE 1: ||G - - - | C - - - | D - - - | - - - - ||
I know this is a generic chord progression
But please go easy, I've got a lot on my mind right now
See, I'm bordering insanity and depression
I've gotta sort this out with you somehow
I know you've always been a bubbly person
It seems spontaneity's your pastime
Now I would understand if you say I'd worsened
||Am - - - | C - - - | D - - - | - - - - ||
But it's only 'cause I'm slowly losing my mind

PRE-CHORUS: ||Am - - - | C - - - | D - - - | - - - - ||
You're just to crazy for me girl
You're just to crazy for me girl

CHORUS: ||G - - - | D - - - | Am - - - | C - - - ||
I don't hate you. I really don't.
It's just you're way more than I can handle.
How can I show you, you can make it easier on me
Please stop messin' with my head.

I always turn to you when I need laughter
You help me through the bad times and good
But this time, I need saving from disaster
And it seems that you have me misunderstood
You always take the tangents over yonder
Yet you always seem to know whats going on
How you end up being right. I wonder
But that's something that I'm now dependant upon

Pre-Chorus, then Chorus x2

At times your motives seem like a delusion
I'm not sure if you mean to be askew
But over time, I've come to this conclusion:
you're out of place but that's why i need you
Sure, you're really wild and too much for me
but theres more to you than what's on the outside
There's a far more caring soul that I see
And there's no reason why those aspects should hide

Chorus x3


from 2013​​-​​2014 MLP Works, released February 13, 2016




Evdog Australia

I make fandom music, and remixes. The majority is based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but I explore others.

Singing; Guitar: 10+ yrs
Songwriting: ~8 yrs
Producing: ~5 yrs

For my mainstream bandcamp, go here: evanmcardle.bandcamp.com
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